The Power Of Crystal Balls

How Crystal Balls can provide healing, comfort and bring good fortune.

Bruno Groening's Method  to receive the “heilstrom” (or healing flow)

To receive the “heilstrom” (or healing flow), the only thing you must do, according to Bruno Groening - renowned German Mystic and Faith Healer, is to “tune in”. He called this (in German): “einstellen”.

Bruno Groening has suggested that, at least once or twice per day, you sit down for this.

But how do you actually “tune in”?

There are two parts to this einstellen. 1. The position of your body and your mindset. 2. The use of energy infused artifacts - Crystal Balls.


A. Posture of the body


An open posture, with arms and legs uncrossed and palms of the hands upward

The idea is to be open and receiving to the divine flow, so this is reflected in the body position:

It is suggested that you:

  • sit on a chair
  • with arms and feet uncrossed
  • and with the palms of both hands turned upwards in an open and receiving gesture
  • the spine is unsupported and straight (if possible) and relaxed

This position will really help you to feel the flow. And the hands-up position encourages the feeling of a tingling or pulsating sensation in the palms of your hands.

So, sit in this position if you can.


If you can’t sit in this position

That said, if you can’t sit in this position (maybe because of illness or other reasons), don’t stress over it.

Healings have been reported from people with a handicap (and unable to uncross arms or legs), from people who have been held up by others, and from people who were lying down, even though their posture wasn’t fully as described above.

You could also stand. Many people practice it standing.

The most important seems to be your mindset anyway.


B. Mindset

There is a specific attitude you need to tune in to the Heilstrom or Healing Flow.


1. You must believe that healing is possible.

The nature of the illness is irrelevant – the decisive factor is the will to recover and to be open to the idea that God is the greatest physician. You don’t need to be 100% certain that it will happen, although a firm belief would help. But, at the least, you need to be open to the idea that it might happen.

(After all, that’s nothing less than a truth, nobody knows for sure what will happen in the next 20 minutes of his life.)

So anything might happen. Be open for possibilities.

“Trust and believe that Divine energy helps and heals.” (Bruno Groening)


2. Have an intention to heal.

You must want it. It might be a physical ailment or disease you want relief from, or your pain might be related to any other area of your life, but in any case you must want relief and healing, and your intention should be set on it. This means you have to actively ask for it. Ask God, ask the universe, ask Bruno Groening.

You could also visualize yourself being healthy. That will also set your intent.

And another approach that is used a lot, is to visualize giving your pains or illnesses to Bruno Groening (or to his image) in front of you.


3. Have an open and receiving mindset.

After having asked for healing and having set your intention… you let go.

Calm your thoughts, and let the healing process do its work. Be humble. Focus on the “feeling of receiving”.

“Ask”, don’t “demand”.

It’s a lot like fishing: once your line is cast (once your intention is sent out), you sit, observe and receive.


4. Observe

Allow the Heilstrom/Healing Flow to enter your body through your palms, feet and top of your head. Be open to the possibility that it is healing you. Even when you don’t feel anything. Trust the process. Be open for what happens.

Focus on healing, let it go & observe what your intention has created in your body.

Place your attention lightly on your body. Observe the sensations. Just feel what’s happening.

By having followed the steps above, you are now receiving healing. And there will be sensations because of this.


5. Ignore negativity

Another important aspect is that, during the process, you have to ‘disconnect’ yourself from the negativity and disease in your body. The idea is that you release and let go of it.

Do not focus on illnesses or worries or problems. Say to yourself: “I distance myself from this negativity and am not focusing on it anymore.”

On the contrary, you want to put your whole attention on getting healthy. Just focus on your connection to the divine and the heilstrom.

You could think about something beautiful or about something that makes you feel good. You could also play beautiful music to help you with this if you wanted to.

It’s also very important to realize that, from now off on, everything that you feel is not a part of being ill anymore. Rather it is a result of the process of healing.

So, ignore negative thoughts, just let them be and focus on the positive and on the heilstrom.

Use a Crystal Ball to focus your attention during “einstellen”.

While “einstellen” you can “give” all of your pains and problems to an object that is powerful ... an exalted crystal ball. Just mentally send all of your troubles to it to deal with and to transform.

Reading this testimonial where Grete Häusler describes her healing will explain:

Later Bruno Groening stood before us


He was very serious and concentrated, and said:

“Give me all of your illnesses and your worries! You won’t be able to cope with them alone. I’ll carry them for you. But give them to me of your own free will – I won’t steal them!”

And again I had such a strange feeling. Who is he that he can say such a thing?

But I did know one thing:

In my whole life I had never before had such an offer, and I also knew that I would never again during the rest of my life meet a person that would make me such an offer.

Therefore at that moment I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

So I wanted to do it. But how?

I didn’t know how to give him my chronic sinusitis, or the damaged liver or the pancreas that produced too little sugar! I really didn’t know how to do that.

And since I had no other choice, I did it like a child

I thought to myself, “There, you have my three ailments. You have my incurable mother. You have all the misfortune and all the mad things going on in my life – I don’t want them any more!” And at that moment I was rid of it all . . .

When the people had left the room and my friend and I were still alone, I noticed that I no longer had a headache, that I had no pulling, no tingling, no pain near my waist – that I no longer had anything at all and only had a wonderful, light feeling, as light as if I had lost 100 pounds of heaviness and fatigue.

I was filled with a feeling of happiness such as I had never known before.



To help with this visualization, some people use an artifact that they put in front of them. They then mentally put their illnesses and problems into the box for the healer to transform.


You don’t have to talk to a healer or use his image, but holding a blessed object helps them connect with “the divine healing power”.

Jewelry and artifacts can also be used.

It strengthens their belief that healing in this way is possible.

After all, Bruno Groening was a living example of the divine force and showed this profusely throughout his life. Thinking about him helps people remind themselves of what’s possible. It motivates.



You might want to experiment when “tuning in”

At some point during the einstellen, it can be good to let your intention just be as it is, and to not ‘”will it” any more. It’s a good idea to be able to relax in the process, and focus on the passive “feeling of receiving”.

But you might be interested to know that different people do it in different ways:

Some have a more active session, where they repeatedly state their intention (in their mind) over and over again. They might repeat the words in their head. Like a prayer. Or they continue the visualizations of them being healthy or of giving their pains to Bruno. These are active ways of “einstellen”.

Others take a more passive approach. After stating their intention, they let go of their mind, and take a receiving stance and focus on the sensations in their body. This is a more silent session, more like some meditation practices, where people observe their body.


There’s no one way to do it

There’s no rule. See what comes up for you. It might change as well from moment to moment. Some go back and forth between praying and observing.

The guideline is to “tune in” (“einstellen”). But how exactly this is done differs from person to person.

Ultimately there’s no one way of doing it that’s good for everyone.



If you notice you’re feeling too “heavy” while sitting and observing, it might be a good idea to reconnect to your intention and restate it innerly. In this way you might feel the inspiration again.

But again; that’s no rule. Sometimes it might feel good to just accept all there is at the moment. Even if you feel heavy.

You need to do it the way you feel inspired to do at any given moment.

And the way you do it, can change over time. It might change from morning to evening, or from one week to another.



When tuning in, it is possible that the symptoms or ailments appear to be getting worse. (Like what happened in the testimonial in the beginning of this article.) It doesn’t always happen, but it’s good to know that it can.

You might get discomforts like a headache. Reactions like tiredness, weakness, fever, even vomiting are possible as well.

It can happen while tuning in, or it may happen the day or days after tuning in. Bruno Groening called these “regelungen”, or in English “adjustments”.

It’s just something that can happen at times. Something that may be necessary to some people.

This is simply a process of cleansing. Not a relapse, but rather a continuation of the healing process.

„Whoever gets headaches, I say ‘excellent’, because there is the healing reaction; now this process must go on and work on the organ, (…).” – Bruno Groening

If you’d feel safer, it would be a good idea to remain under the supervision of your doctor. If you have trust in your doctor, by all means visit him, and take medications as directed.


What time do you choose to “tune in”?

Just like we need food to live, we also need to regularly tune in again to the Divine to be nurtured on another level.

All around the world, the “Friends of Bruno Groening” aim to do this at least twice daily: once at 9.00 am, and once at 9.00 in the evening.

There’s no obligation whatsoever. If you can’ t make the morning session because of work, then only do the evening session.


The exact time doesn’t matter

You see, it doesn’t matter at all whether you do it at those exact times. Any time really is suitable to ‘tune in”. (This is not about “the same moment” anyway, because time zones vary, and while it’s 9 am where you are, it might be 4pm somewhere else on the planet.)

But the point is, this setup is there help you to persevere with the practice. By knowing that many others are doing it as well at the same moment of their day, you feel connected and supported.

But basically: you could do how it at any time you want, and as many times per day you want,


General “tuning-in date”

Aside from the daily times to tune in, there’s also a weekly moment that’s offered to everyone who is interested. This moment is every Monday at 9 pm (in summertime at 10 pm).


Summing up

The process of “einstellen” is very easy. Just sit in a position that encourages your mind to be open to receiving. Believe that healing is possible and ask for it. Then observe your body and receive.

Don’t worry, there’s no real ‘correct’ way of doing it. Go with your feeling.

You could also ask Bruno Groening for help and even send your problems and illnesses to him so he may transform them.

It is important however, to let go of the negativity and ‘set it aside’. Believe that you are healing at every moment, don’t see yourself as being ‘sick’ or ‘ill’.


We’ll end with the inspiring words of Grete Häusler again:

“At the end of the meeting, the pain left. Suddenly, I was free from pain and felt so light, as if a heavy burden was relieved from me.”

– Grete Häusler


The above method and text is reproduced in large part and adapted from the original Bruno Groening' Teachings.

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