Blessings and Miracles

Blessings often results in miraculous healings. Numerous healings or resolutions of “impossible” situations have occurred through this practice. Examples abound everywhere – including severe depressions; very difficult relationships; freedom from fear and anxiety; illness; finding deep peace after a breakup or financial difficulties…the list is almost endless.                                   

Blessing is not a healing technique, rather it is a form of miracle – a loving impulse from the heart which surrounds a person or situation that arouses our compassion. The experience of thousands of people all over the planet who have adopted this practice is that, after a while, it becomes a way of living and looking at the world.

                                 … Joshua Leonard

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Blessing from the Heart

As I understand it now, and after many years of practice, in its initial stages blessing is a way of sending unconditional love, peace, healing, goodness to a person or a situation, or simply seeing them bathed in that love. Blessing isn’t associated with any religious denominations. It can be practiced by anyone, even atheists!

I do not believe there is any “right” way of blessing. The intention and sincerity of the heart are infinitely more important than any so-called correct way of giving a blessing, and any formulas or rigid forms in this field are a direct route to failure. A blessing that is just on the level of the mind has no healing power whatsoever. One can never stress too much that blessing is one hundred percent heart energy. I believe it has to be felt in the heart to heal.

Some who practice blessing in their daily lives have reached the point where they spontaneously and above all instantaneously bless any form of suffering they encounter during the day, be it an old peasant woman carrying a load much too heavy for her, an aged prostitute trying to find one last client, a dictator bellowing on television, a wounded bird, a country field ravaged by a terrible thunderstorm. Everything can be a subject for blessing and has indeed become so for some who use this practice in viewing life and the world.

Every Single Blessing Heals

Every single blessing heals in that it brings peace, it acts as a balm to any suffering, and it expresses heartfelt joy in the presence of beauty, kindness or any other form of good.

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